Privacy Policy

The X5GON project is creating a solution that will help users/students find what they need not just in Open Educational Resources (OER) repositories, but across all open educational resources on the web. This solution will adapt to the user’s needs and learn how to make ongoing customized recommendations and suggestions through a truly interactive and impactful learning experience. This new AI-driven platform will deliver OER content from everywhere, for the students’ need at the right time and place.

About the Data We Collect

Within the project we collect learning materials data that are openly licensed, and user activity data that is acquired by the X5GON snippet integrated in different OER repositories. The user data we acquire through the snippet is anonimized and consists of the following values:

  • User ID. This value is the identifier of the user accessing the learning material. It is created using the X5GON snippet and stored as a cookie in the users browser. The value is randomly generated, anonimized, and cannot be used to get back to the user.
  • Material URL. This value is the material identifier and the link that the user visited.
  • Referrer URL. This URL is the link from which the user arrived to the material.
  • Access Date. The date at which the material was accessed.
  • User Agents. This attribute contains information about the techonology the user used to access the material.
  • Language. The language configuration used in users technology.
  • User Location. The geographical location from which the user accessed the material, e.g. city, country and continent. NOTE: This value will be calculated using the users IP. The user IP is NOT stored in our databases.

For more information about the acquired data access the X5GON snippet documentation available HERE.

How is the Data Processed

The acquired user data is used to identify users learning interests and give personalized recommendations. The material URL, refferer URL, access date and language will be given to the learning analytics engine and recommendation engine which will return a list of learning materials that the user might be interested in. Additionally, it will be used to identify which OER materials are highly requested and frequently viewed (giving an indication of its quality), and to find learning pathways, e.g. sequence of materials the users tend to follow.

User agents value is used to distinguish data of real users from bots allowing us to improve learning analytics and recommendation results by using only real users data.

How Can a User Stop Participating

To stop participating the user can delete the cookie named x5gonTrack which contains the user generated ID. This can be done in the the users browser. In addition, on the OER repositories that are a member of the X5GON Network, you must disable providing your user activity information. NOTE: this will also stop giving the user personalized recommendations on OER repositories that included the X5GON snippet.

Who are Processing Your Data

Your data is processed by the X5GON Project consortium which include: