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We suggest a pact that empowers all involved OER sites and players.

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X5GON's Recommendation increases user engagement across each of your content pages, improving visibility of your content.

What Can We Offer

Make the most out of your content by joining our platform and let us give you:

Cross-modal technologies for multimodal content understanding,

Cross-site technologies to transparently accompany and analyse users across sites,

Cross-domain technologies for cross domain content analytics,

Cross-language technologies for cross lingual content recommendation,

Cross-cultural technologies for cross cultural learning personalisation.

How Can You Contribute

Get into a pact that empowers all involved OER stakeholders and allows OER sites:

To become a partner in our Global Network Partnership,

To use our Connect Service as well as all other services,

To give us access to content data and user behaviour data,

To share content recommendations with other OER sites,

To share with us the contacts of their IT managers.

What Do We Promise

In return we promise:

To use the X5GON platform to ingest your content and use state of the art technologies such as machine learning, machine translation, machine quality assurance, personalisation, learning analytics, to boost your content visibility and use,

To create fair and inclusive cross-pollination of content to/from other OER sites to your site,

To transparently work with you, and disclose algorithms and produce you with impact metrics,

To not breach any data privacy, ethics or other data and artificial intelligence related boundaries.

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Fill this form to register your OER repository and get resources used to connect to the X5GON OER network. Once connected, we will identify the resources you provide and include them into our recommendations making it visible within the OER network.

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